Friday, 20 April 2012

#6 Workoholic: Working 9 till 5

This week has most definitely been a crazy week at work, I started a new job about 7 weeks ago and boy has that time flown by, I absolutely love the job and the company I work for are great but this week has been the mother of all weeks....I literally have not stopped.

Being a self confessed workoholic I don't mind this, however it has now caught up with me and I am soooo tired and loving the fact its the weekend (yet my blackberry is still delivering me emails) and in the back of my mind I am still thinking about work and undoubtedly I will probably do some at the weekend as I know I don't have much on socially. Even when I go on holiday I find myself still thinking shop for the first few days of my holiday, finding it difficult to unwind.

I guess in the information age very few of us really have a 9-5 whether its going in early, leaving late or responding to emails or sending emails late on into the evening (latest for me so far 11pm-shocking I know!) I think it is exceptionally rare to go to work, work your hours switch off and go home. Maybe its just me, but I am sure most people feel the same. On the most part I don't mind this but sometimes it can feel like there is no escape from work!

So Dolly Parton might have sung working 9-5 in 1980 but I am pretty sure most of us are singing working all the time in 2012!

Thoughts on a postcard...

PurpleFrolicks xx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

#5 Blogs I Love: Going Out Chic

As you know,  I think there are lots of really cool blogs/websites out there but there is one I feel I must feature this week because it is one frankly, I need to use this weekend.

Its that age old decision what to wear (whole wardrobe of clothes with not a stitch to wear) What am I getting at, well I have a date this weekend and I have no idea what to wear that was until I discovered This website is amazing you select what your next date is or what your next event in my case its First Date and then select Find My Style. What I really like is at the top of the page is their list of Do's and Don't's and then it lists 6 different outfit choices, the cost of each piece in the outfit and the stockist is also shown. I really like this feature so hopefully one of these choices will inspire me for something to wear at the weekend or I may even have to purchase something who knows...

Another great feature is that it has its own look of the day and a blog, as well as a Haute Finds and How to.

This site could end any potential fashion disasters for dates and events such as an Interview, it also has a fabulous section on dressing for your body type...which is a vital for all us ladies to know.

This is a must see site, register for it and follow them on twitter on @GoingOutChic

Thoughts on a Postcard...

PurpleFrolicks xx

Sunday, 15 April 2012

#4 Alchofrolick Fun Times- Easter in Manchester

So as I mentioned I am in my mid twenties now and I feel (most of the time) gone are the days where I could go out 3-4 nights in a row with little in the way of a consequence (i.e a hangover) to ruin the next few days, namely now I am an "adult" the rest of the weekend!

However I ventured back to my drinking roots over the Bank Holiday Easter Weekend to Manchester where I went to University to catch up with some old drinking buddies who incidentally are also lovely friends when they are sober too! 

These guys live in Fallowfield ( the student part of Manchester or Mancland as we most commonly refer to it as) and wow it was like a trip down memory lane, except for all the pubs that I used to frequent are all called something else now...I say all, 3 of them still have the same name but still- if you went to uni in Manchester you will know what I mean when I say there is no Tarts anymore, or Robbos and the Cheshire Cat- well that's some bloody fancy up market pub now...names a side what was only intended to be a 1 night stay turned into a 2 night stay and it was brilliant...

My alchofrolick ways came back to me like riding a bike! House party first (cheap drinks- easy to get drunk) followed by a night in Baa Baa's with cheap shots and bottled drinks...and then there was dancing...which led to a dance off with some awesome guys who pretty much got everyone to do their dance...pure genius and I loved every minute of it. The night ended up with us all having a chicken burger from our favourite take out place- which incidentally still has the same name and a cup of tea (or in the house of welsh I was staying in a Panad.) We all stayed up talking til 4am laughing and joking about the events of the night and trust me when I say events...there were some but I think for the interests of the people involved I will keep these to myself.

When we all got up the next day at 11am (the latest I have stayed in bed for a very long time) we decided as it was Easter we should go and have a Roast Dinner. First stop, The Orange Grove ( a pub I spent a lot of my student days in) but what I had never realised or remembered was how sticky the floor was and how bad it smelt in there...that was that we couldn't eat in there with that smell so we all hot footed it to Font (same name as before) for a more upmarket, less sticky floor and bad smelling choice of roast dinner. By this point we were all starving...none of our lunches arrived at the same time but when they did they were spite of the huge portions and with not an Easter Egg between us I went and got an Indulgent chocolate cake which we had in the comfort of the girls home with a Panad...and it was good.

After a bit of a recovery...we all decided to go and have a bit of hair of the dog and hoped for a pub quiz ( after all it was Sunday night and that's what you do on a Sunday). We headed to the Ram and Shackle where the drinks were unbelievably cheap maybe I have lived in the South too long but £2.60 for a double Gin and Tonic- BARGIN. We all had a couple of drinks but instead of us being in the party mood, we all got really tired and decided to head back and watch a film.

As I headed back  home on the Monday, thinking about all the things I should have done because I was supposed to be at home...I realised I had an amazingly funny alcohol fuelled weekend with some really good friends and that in fact I was still an alchofrolick at heart!

Preparing for the Dance Off!!
The Dance Routine that got everyone Dancing resulting in the legendary Dance Off

Some of us posing in between shots

PurpleFrolicks xx

Saturday, 14 April 2012

#3-Blogs I Love: PPOMG

Seeing as I started writing a blog because of all the other blogs that I was consumed with reading I thought I would do a bit on some of my favourite blogs.

The first one I wanted to talk about is very close to my heart because the blogger in question is actually a really lovely friend of mine and the more I read her blog the more I wanted one of my what is it and what is it called I hear you cry?

Well this is my interpretation, so please correct me if I am wrong but it is a fashion based blog about items that would like to be purchased if she had all the money in the world, there's something for every budget in it  and it has a really cool name -

Please check it out, its well researched, witty, quirky and it makes you ooo and ahh over the carefully selected items.

I will leave you now to lust over the pretty, the posh and the oh my gosh!

Thoughts on a postcard...

PurpleFrolicks xx

#2 Musical Gems- Stop the Blackout and Flying Points

As I mentioned in my welcome post Music is one of my passions and finding new music I love is up there with the things I most like to do. 

I have come across two bands that I really like on Twitter one more local than the other. The first band is called Stop the Blackout- seem like really cool guys based in Manchester- new single is called Oxygen and is definitely worth a listen, they tell me they are in London on Wednesday 18th April at the Wheelbarrow in Camden, if I can I am going to go and check them out live. I have put the link in to their website they are on Twitter (@stoptheblackout) so follow them, I think they might be one to watch.

The second band I stumbled across is from a bit further a field (New York to be precise) they are called Flying Points and my favourite song of theirs as they have several is "Sex Toys" their album can be downloaded from iTunes, link to their website is and their Twitter is (@flyingpoints)

 I am following both of these different but equally cool bands and they are following me too on Twitter check them out and let them know if you like their music...I think its always good to let bands know that you are enjoying their music. At this point I should say tweet me on (@PurpleFrolicks)

On that note I shall leave you all to check out these bands...happy listening.

Thoughts on a postcard...

PurpleFrolicks xx

#1 Welcome to my blog

So welcome to my blog...I thought I would start one of these because well everyone else seems to be blogging and I want to jump on that band wagon. As an avid tweeter I thought I would use this space to talk about some of the cool things I like and tweet about on a regular basis. 

To give you an idea what that might be- its usually things I like and am passionate about:
Music- whether its discovering bands that I have not heard of that I really like, festivals, gigs/concerts I am going to. Oh and even The X Factor and lately the Voice may also creep in from time to time!
Shopping ( because well I am a girly girl and I love to buy clothes, shoes, bags and accessories) lately I have started following quite a few fashion and beauty blogs which I really enjoy and want to share with you.
Work- Because sometimes its just good to talk about your day, I am in my twenties and would probably be classed as a young professional, working as a Project Manager.
Going Out- I used to joke with my friends that we were Alchofrolicks- although this seems to be less the case these days and as my mid twenties approach I find actually I prefer a couple of bottles of wine and good conversation, although having said that I went out in Manchester last weekend to catch up with Uni friends and I soon turned back to my Alchofrolick ways-..more on that later!
and every now and then you will find me talking about Rugby Union, Tennis, Olympics, Golf but never Football (not a fan-Sorry).

So I hope you enjoy my blog...which will be posted shortly.

PurpleFrolicks xx